antisocial personality disorder case study

Aim . To evaluate the condition of a prisoner with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Background. S.B, a28yrs male was seen by Psychiatrist, Calcutta after getting into a fight with another inmate over a Rs 10 bet. S.B was brutally beaten up by Wardens of the jail. The case history reveals that S.B was jailed twice before for
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Antisocial Personality Disorder: George. In the first case study we explored antisocial personality disorder; the clients name is George. George is hospitalized with symptoms of APD, and states that he came to the hospital because “my mind got so bad, no one could tell me what to do”. He goes onto to describe what he
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Case Studies. Case Study 1 : Theory of mind and mentalizing ability in antisocial personality disorders with and without psychopathy  Goal: The researchers investigated empathy and Theory of Mind in ASPDs. Empathy – identifying with another's emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. Theory of Mind – a “…branch of cognitive
the treatment of people with antisocial personality disorder – this was to ensure that new studies or studies excluded by other reviews could be considered ..... Table 36 provides all input parameters utilised in the base-case analysis of the economic model of Reasoning and Rehabilitation for adults with offending behaviour.
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Client Name: Patty Smith Sex: Female Age: 28 Ethnicity: Caucasian American Marital Status: Single Occupation ...

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